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  • EBRD International Advisor
  • World Bank Group - EConsultant2
  • Asian Development Bank - CMS Member
  • ISDS - Member
  • United Nations - Volunteer
  • ICANN Individual Member at APRALO
  • Professional Member ISSUP

  Who Am I ?

A consultant in diversified faculties with extensive experience and knowledge.

My expertise ranges from Finance, Program & Project Management, Risk Management (Insurance & Reinsurance), Security Sector, Green Initiative & Climate Control, Philanthropic and Disaster Management, Welfare, Human Abuse & Exploitation, Child Care & Protection, Information Technology (Digitization & Digitalization), Shipping & Aviation, Oil & Gas.

Mr. Aftab is a seasoned professional with experience and expertise of over 35 years in insurance, reinsurance and financial services. His expanded expertise involves working in the following business and industrial sectors:

- Business and Finance

- Crime, Criminology & Law

- Project and Program Management         

- Business Planning and Feasibility

- Information Technology

- Humanitarian Causes & Welfare

- Child Care & Protection

- Green Initiative & Climate Control

- Safety and Security

- Public Health and Disaster Management

- Life & General Insurance 

- Reinsurance Placements, Negotiations & Arrangement 

- Reinsurance Retros & Run-Offs 

- Aviation & Shipping          

- Plastics          

- Power Generation          

- Alternate & Renewable Energy      

- Water & Waste Management     

Mr. Aftab inaugurated his career as part of the family owned group of insurance and reinsurance companies known as the Eastern General Insurance Group in 1985 in Pakistan. 

He embarked on his endeavor to acquire higher education in London - UK in 1990 and gained academic excellence in legal, finance, insurance and reinsurance. At the same time he was appointed as the Overseas Director of the Eastern General Insurance Group in the UK and Group Representative Director on the Board of General Banking Corporation (Cayman Islands) as well as Eastcheap Group in London; where, parallel to his education he acted for and on behalf of the group. 

In the year 1998 Mr. Aftab commenced working in his individual capacity as a technical and professional practitioner, undertaking numerous projects within the ambit of Aviation, Energy, Insurance, Reinsurance and Financial Services. He worked in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Oman, UAE, Srilanka, Malaysia, China and continues to date. During his tenure of professional conduct and operation, Mr. Aftab dealt and worked alongside numerous organizations in the last 35 years.