More or Less


Shape the Perfect Solution 

I take challenges globally; where most would fail and solutions are hard to find. I am a solution finder; nothing is impossible when I set my mind on the right path path of evaluation, assessment and analysis, under the shelter of my expertise and experience.


To inspire communities by connecting individuals and businesses; promoting mutual cooperation in implementing solutions.


To share my passion for knowledge, create expertise and equip individuals / businesses to overcome the challenges of modern economy.


Accountability, Achievement, Adaptability, Contribution, Creativity, Determination, Diversity, Equality, Flexibility, Growth, Integrity, Ingenuity, Innovation, Kindness, Loyalty, Optimism, Patience, Reliability, Respect, Sustainability, Transparency.

Strategy is at the heart 

Mr. Aftab’s competencies in academics and otherwise, exists in Finance, Insurance, Reinsurance, Marketing, Criminology and ICT as part of general academia. Further enhanced by Legal, Philanthropic, Human Rights (ECHR & ECtHR), Childrens Rights and Welfare, Safety and Security, Health & Fitness, Ethics & Integrity, Peace Building, Emergencies and Disaster Management, Environment, Climate Change and Green Initiative - studies and knowledge.   To date, Mr. Aftab holds 1181 qualifications, certifications, competencies and training accreditations from numerous internationally reputed institutions and organizations. The institutions providing these recognitions may be listed as:

- CIM - The Chartered Institute of Marketing 

- CII - The Chartered Insurance Institute 

- Lloyds of London     

- IFS - Institute of Financial Services 

- BIBA - British Insurance Brokers Association 

- OU - The Open University 

- IBMI - International Business Management Institute  

- WBG - World Bank Group 

- ADB - Asian Development Bank 

- BIG - Basel  Institute of Governance   

- IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency 

- IEA - International Energy Agency

- OPCW - Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

- DCAF - Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance  

- European Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Consortium 

- CoE - Council of Europe 

- EU - European Union (Election Observation Mission)

- OSCE - Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

- EEAS - European External Action Service   

- USIP - United States Institute of Peace

- CISA - Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
- FedVTE - US Department of Homeland Security 

- DOD - US Department of Defense 

- CDSE - Centre for Development of Security Excellence 

- NaCTSO - National Counter Terrorism Security Office UK

- FAA - Federal Aviation Administration 

- AOPA - Air Safety Institute   

- HLA - Humanitarian Learning Academy

- WHO - World Health Organization 

- ILO - International Labour Organization

- UNITAR - United Nations Institute for Training and Research

- UNO - United Nations Organization  

- UNDP - United Nations Development Program 

- UNICEF - United Nations Children’s Fund 

- UNDSS - United Nations Department of Safety & Security

- UNODC - United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime

- UNHCR - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

- UNCC - United Nations Climate Change 

- UNEP - United Nations Environment Programme 

- UN REDD - United Nations REDD Programme 

- United Nations Office on Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs 

- UNE - United Nations ESCAPE 

- INFORMEA - UN IP on Multilateral Environmental Agreements 

- UNSD - United Nations Statistics Department 

- UNFPA - United Nations Population Fund  

- GHGP - Greenhouse Gas Protocol   

- IOM - International Organization for Migration  

- IRC - International Rescue Committee 

- IFRC - International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies 

- Swiss / Honduran Red Cross and European Blood Alliance 

- IDF - International Diabetics Federation (IDF School of Diabetics)

- Johns Hopkins - Centre for Clinical Global Health Education 

- USAID / Johns Hopkins - Bloomberg School of Public Health 

- ACPA - Advance Care Planning Australia 

- AHHA - Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association 

- ICPCN / University of South Wales 

- Center for Palliative Care - University of Melbourne 

- University of Aukland   

- CoDF - Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation 

- CISCO Network Academy

- SAP -  Systemanalyse Programmentwicklung - SAP SE

- WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization 

- EUIPO - European Union Intellectual Property Office 

- University of Eastern Finland 

- Conservation Training

- FORAGE - Virtual Experience & Training