Satiate - Indulgence


Absolute Dedication 

Mr. Aftab has successfully, worked, advised, structured and operated, in the meadow of Finance, Insurance, Reinsurance, Marketing, Legal, Aviation, Shipping, Oil and Gas, Plastics, Telecom, Trading, Non Profit Operations, Digitization & Digitalization, Green Initiative where ever globally required and desired.

It is fair to state that the acquired knowledge, critical appreciation and expertise have enabled Mr. Aftab to obtain diversified work exposure and experience enabling an enhanced perspective of provision for services with highest integrity and value added in all respect.    

Enterprise Engagement 

Mr. Aftab’s indulgence in globally recognized projects has been his forte  since the very early years of his stepping into the professional domain. 

In 1993 he commanded 747 aircraft on behalf of the airliner and made history for being part of the team leaders, which constituted the very first Boing 747 air operation from the CIS countries.

He served as a vital bridge in bilateral trade between numerous business entities between Europe, America, Asian Pacific Region and Pakistan, which included leading mobile phones manufacturers, motor vehicle producers, shipping giants and so on.

In the area of finance, Mr. Aftab's contribution towards arranging financial funding has been vital. He is one of the pioneers of placing and arranging Insurance Guarantees across borders and continents.

Indeed he is also an expert in Reinsurance for placement, negotiations and arranging contracts ranging form Quota Share, Excess of Loss, Stop Loss, Treaty Bouquet or Facultative globally working alongside leading reinsurers. 

Owing to the insurance expertise, he has successfully engineered most affordable and highly effective Health Insurance Covers for those who are at the receiving end of expensive medical treatments with minimum or no affordability. 

Of course, other areas of insurance also lie within his proficiency. Mr. Aftab's efforts in professional world continues to the highest standards.

Indeed Mr. Aftab's efforts in professional world continues to the highest standards.

Mr. Aftab is unconditionally committed to Islamic practices, values and teachings. He is equally committed to sustainability development goals, human rights and UN global compact.

He greatly appreciates communities working in harmony, hence the concept of equal opportunities. He believes, that in this modern era one must recognize and support the following:

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT by acknowledging the role of women in our surroundings as being mother, sister and daughter. Their contributory skills in economic sense towards the community and the country at large. Their right to education, work, business and standing as an individual, acknowledging their opinion and views.

EDUCATION by accepting our responsibilities towards encouraging and enhancing the education for all. Everyone has the right to education.

WELLBEING by recognizing that every individual must be cared for viz a viz his health and safety.

SECURITY by being watchful of the surroundings and always ready to look out for individuals who threaten wellbeing of others; be ready to extend help as and when needed to secure individuals around.

RESPECT by supporting the views of others, by understanding their contention and by supporting their ideas, as long as it serves righteous path for themselves and others.